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The Start of the Holy Week – The Palm Sunday – Good Friday 2019 April 14

In the Christian Calendar, Sunday is one of the most important days of the week. It symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ which happens on Easter Sunday and it also is the day that starts the holy week which is on the Palm Sunday. The Good Friday 2019 is near and so is the palm […]

The Day Before Good Friday: Maundy Thursday – Good Friday 2019 April 14

The Thursday before the Easter Sunday or the day before the Good Friday of the holy week is called the Maundy Thursday. Just like the other days of the holy week, this day is being celebrated with several traditions, rituals, and ceremonies. Just like the upcoming Good Friday 2019, the Maundy Thursday is also just […]

Ways of Commemorating the Crucifixion During Good Friday – Good Friday 2019 April 14

The Good Friday 2019 is just right around the corner. We are now only days away from it. Ash Wednesday just happened so it should not be long before the upcoming holy week is celebrated. With that being said, you should prepare already for the upcoming Good Friday celebration. If you still do not know […]

What, When, and What Happens During the Holy Week? Good Friday 2019

The last week of the Lent season is called the Holy week. This week starts from the Palm Sunday to Good Friday and Holy Saturday. This is then succeeded by the Easter Sunday. Good Friday 2019 is near and it wil be the time again to commemorate, re-enact, and reflect upon the sufferings and crucifixion […]

The Importance of Prayer During the Good Friday 2019

Indeed, prayers are the biggest part of the Good Friday celebration. The day cannot be celebrated to the fullest without the tons of prayer that will be celebrated. Whichever kind of event you may attend for the upcoming Good Friday 2019, there will always be some prayers to be recited. As a Christian or a […]

The Observance of the Lent Season Good Friday 2019

The Lent season is defined by the forty days between the Ash Wednesday and the Easter Sunday. The most celebrated part of the Lent season is the holy week which starts with the Palm Sunday and then followed by the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, and the Easter Sunday. Since the Good Friday 2019 […]

The Concept of Forgiveness of Good Friday 2019 Holy Day

The Good Friday 2019 is just right around the corner. You may have prepared all the necessary things that you need to celebrate this special day but still, all the celebration would be for nothing if you do not know the concept of forgiveness during Good Friday April 14, 2019. Good Friday is a day celebrated […]

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